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Ecco come si descrivo i ragazzi di questa marca di patatine di più grande successo in tutta Europa:


"Thick cut British crisps done just right: Hand cooked in Devon with real taste, proper crunch, and made by real people. That’s Burts Chips in a bag.

We source the best potatoes, slice and cook them in small batches, and season them with the best natural flavours around, often sourced from local partners. So if you’re looking for a classic Sea Salt to enjoy at the pub with a pint, a meaty Devon Roast Beef to have whilst watching the game, or a bold Vintage Cheddar and Spring Onion to snack on in the garden, we’ve got your crisp needs covered.

We like to keep things simple, so we have a few principles we like to stick to when it comes to our chips:

Uncompromising – With each batch of chips cooked, a Master Fryer selects the potatoes, inspects the slicing, hand cooks them, and signs off on them – every single chip – so you only ever get the best.

Authentic – Chillies from South Devon? Beef from Buckfastleigh? British Chorizo from Topsham? You’ve got it. All our bags are stamped with the name of the Master Fryer who cooked the chips. It’s our way of celebrating our craft, but it’s also a seal of authenticity.

Proud – We’re proud of our heritage, proud of our methods, and proud of our chips. We only use potatoes grown to LEAF Marque standards to make sure we’re farming responsibly. Well, our crisps deserve only the best.

Individual – When it comes to unique natural flavours, we’re the ones to beat. Where else will you find a range of potato chips as diverse as Firecracker Lobster, Guinness®, and Caribbean Beef?

Courageous – We might make great crisps, but we never rest on our laurels. We wanted to bring the legendary flavours Burts Chips are known for to a new kind of healthy snack, and the result was Burts Lentil Waves – full of the flavours you know and love from Burts, at only 99 calories a bag. Sounds like a no-brainer to us. "